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Residents Enjoy a Day Out at Ferring Country Centre

Apsley House Care Home residents love new and exciting adventures, and recently had the pleasure of enjoying a fantastic visit to Ferring Country Centre. This lovely centre is packed full of friendly animals and outdoor amenities, offering a day of pure joy to our residents.

From the moment we arrived Ferring Country Centre provided a truly meaningful and hands-on experience, giving our residents the opportunity to meet an array of animals including horses, goats, alpacas, and donkeys, amongst many others. The residents delighted in observing these creatures up close. Redefining friendliness, the animals’ interaction with our residents brought pure joy to their faces.

Each animal encounter brought laughter and curiosity, and needless to say, the charming alpacas, gentle horses, and adorable goats held a special place in everyone’s hearts. Even the playful donkeys were a sight to behold, imprinting memories that would last a lifetime.

The adventure didn't just stop at the amazing animal encounters; Ferring Country Centre also boasts a wonderful café, the Ranger’s Café. Here, the residents enjoyed a lovely lunch together. The food was delicious, and the warm ambiance added to the charm. There was a buzz of conversation and laughter echoing through as residents shared their favourite moments of the day over a fantastic meal.

Apsley House Care Home believes that such day trips are a crucial part of our residents’ lives. It provides them with a great opportunity to enjoy some fresh air, see new things, and feel engaged with the larger community. Judging from the vibrant chatter on the drive home, it was evident that the day trip to Ferring Country Centre was a resounding success.

Ferring Country Centre - Apsley House Ferring Country Centre - Apsley House Care Home

Published: 04/09/2023